Prof. Joshua Blau (born 1919) is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Joshua Blau was born in Transylvania, more precisely in Cluj (Kolozsvar, Klausenburg). When he was twelve years old his family moved to Austria and lived in Baden bei Wien, where he graduated at the local high school with honours in 1937. He began his Arabic studies at the university of Vienna and at the same time studied at the rabbinical institute. In 1938 the family settled in Tel Aviv. In 1942 obtained his M.A. degree from the Hebrew University, majoring in Arabic. His minor fields were biblical studies and Hebrew. In 1950 he obtained a Ph.D. from the Hebrew university with a thesis on the grammar of Judeo-Arabic supervised by D.H. Baneth. Blau’s other main tutor was J. Polotzky. From 1956 he taught Hebrew and Semitic linguistic at the Tel Aviv university and in 1957 he joined the department of Arabic language and literature at the Hebrew university where he taught to his retirement in 1987.

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